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Postage Processing and Terminology
  • All mail is presorted to get you the lowest possible postage rates.  

  • We handle all address cleansing (CASS, LACS, DPV), Intelligent Mail Barcoding and National Change of Address (NCOA) processing in-house.
  • We are full service IMB compliant.

  • On-site USPS employee utilizing MERLIN verification system

CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) – the process of checking and usually correcting the addresses provided to match the USPS database of deliverable locations

DPV Processing (Delivery Point Validation) - 
essentially a "yes/no" table for checking the validity of any individual house, apartment, post office box, rural box, mail drop, or commercial address that receives mail.

LACS Processing (Locatable Address Conversion System) - 
automatically update rural-style addresses with new, locatable city-style addresses in areas that are conducting E-911 emergency response address conversions 

NCOA Link (National Change of Address) – 
Prior to mailing, companies can have their list(s) matched against the USPS Database to identify individuals, families, and businesses that have moved and completed the USPS Change of Address Form.

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) – 
USPS required use of the Intelligent Mail barcode to qualify for automation prices beginning January 28, 2013. Use of the barcode provides increased overall efficiency, including improved deliverability, and new services.

Manifesting – 
being a USPS approved manifest mailer allows us to co-mingle 1, 2, and 3 ounce mail in a single mail stream which better utilizes the USPS automation discount rates.

Combining – 
programming preformed to place statements with either perfect name and address match or exact address match into one envelope reducing postage costs. 

Zip Code Sorting – 
all jobs are presorted through our postal software before being printed to ensure the maximum automation postal discounts.