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Upload Files
Laser Print Plus can receive your data via HTTPS, FTP, SSH or Email. We can also receive data directly on a flash drive or CD/DVD. 
To Upload Files
1) Click on button above. 

2) Enter username and password then click on LOGIN. (If you do not have a username and password, please contact
You will see a page which displays any files already uploaded. Below this are 5 rows where new files can be uploaded. 
3) Click on 'Browse' to the right of the first row. 
4) Navigate to the file you wish to upload. When it is highlighted, click on 'Okay'. 
5) Repeat as necessary in the rows below if you need to upload more files. 
6) Click on 'Upload' in the bottom left corner to upload the files you have listed. 

The file(s) will be uploaded, (this may take some time). When the upload completes, the page will be redrawn, listing the newly uploaded files. 

To Delete a file click on the button to the left of the file you wish to delete and click "Delete".

To Rename a file click on the button to the left of the file you wish to rename. Change the name that appears in the editing box and click "Rename".

FTP, SSH and Email Upload Service
Laser Print Plus FTP, SSH and BBS upload services require a valid customer Username and Password. For instructions on how to upload files via Email or for Username/Password inquiries, contact

For instructions on how to upload or download files securely via FTP/SSH click on links below.